We’ve just pushed out a couple of new features and bug fixes to the control panel.

Capacity Upgrades

We’ve added another processing server and changed the way the system works, meaning that we can now processing image checks about 10 times faster than before.

Whitelist Editor

This allows you to view and edit the whitelists within your account – pretty self explanitory really.

Expanded CSV Data

We’ve added the source image URL to CSV exports – meaning that you can now see the image which triggered an alert within your data analysis suite.

Now using Bing, Testing Yandex

Image Raider now uses Bing as a data source, and we are testing other reverse image search engines (Yandex and Baidu) with the view to rolling these into the main engine in the next few weeks. Credit usage remains unchanged – 1 credit now checks both Google and Bing for matches.

Subscriptions implemented

It’s now possible to purchase credits as part of a monthly subscription. Subscription credits are cheaper and easier to purchase.

Any questions or future feature requests, drop us an email or tweet


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