Photoshop is a great tool to be able to use.  It is great for designing posters, pamphlets, bulletins, and it has many more great uses.  You don’t necessarily have to be creative to use Photoshop but for those of you who are creative the possibilities are unlimited.  In this article you will learn how to write basic text in Photoshop.  This is important because you can not do any Photoshop text effects without knowing the basics.  Also, you will learn three common text effects that are simple and easy to learn.  The three effects are the glow text effect, the mirror lake effect and the image in text effect.  Follow each video completely and don’t worry if it takes you a while.


Make sure you open a document in Photoshop.


Step 1: Make sure the text box is open.  To do that you go to window at the top and then go to character.  This opens the text box in the bottom right corner.  In this panel you can change many features of the text.PBTT3

Step 2: Now go to the left side of your screen.  There is a tool bar and about half way down the tool bar is a test icon.  Click on the icon to open your text options.  There is a vertical, horizontal, and vertical and horizontal text masks.


Step 3: Click on the horizontal text option, and then towards the top of the screen is a text tool bar.  You can add effects, change font size, font color, font style and many more other effects.


Step 4: Now click on the blank document.  Photoshop will automatically create a textbook and you can start typing.  In the photo above the text is overlapping but if you keep following the steps you will learn how to fix it.


Step 5: Now in the text box at the bottom right, you can change the line spacing to to make sure your words do not overlap.  Also in the text box under character you can change the font size, color, length, width, and tracking


Step 6:  No you can warp your text.  To get this feature you go to the top tool bar and click on the icon second to last on the right.  It looks like a T sitting on top of arc.  This effect gives the text a 3D effect.  To warp the text click on the drop down menu of the style box and choose what style you would like. You can also change the distortion and bend of each text.  Then click okay.

You now know how to write text in Photoshop so you can advance on to text effects.



Now that you know the basics of Photoshop texts, lets take it a step farther.  It might be a lot to learn as a beginner but these steps are simple and easy to understand.  Plus you learn how to do text effects that will make your pieces of art 10 times better.  Below you will find multiple Photoshop text effects that you can do simply by following the steps and watching the tutorials.


Mirror Lake Effect


Step 1:  Type the text you want to use this effect on in your document.  It does not have to be mirror.


Step 2: Then go to your layers panel and select the layer your text is on.  Duplicate the layer.


Step 3: Click Ctrl + T to get the drop down menu.  Scroll to the very bottom of the drop down menu and click on flip vertical.


Step 4: Now you can move the mirrored text down to give it the look you want.  You can have them touching or with space in between it is whatever you envision.


Step 5:  Now you want to create a layer mask.  This is located in the very bottom right corner.  Now that you have a layer mask on the new text layer you have to go select the paint brush.


Step 6: Make sure when you select your paintbrush that it is a feathered brush.  Then hold down shift and drag the brush across the bottom of the flipped text.  This gives the text a mirrored effect.


Image In Text Effect


Step 1: Open an image of your choice.  The video uses a picture of a sunrise on the beach because they are inserting the image into the word Hawaii.  Try to make you picture go along with the same theme as the word you are inserting it into.


Step 2:  Once you have opened your image then go to layers.  In layers click on duplicate layer.  Duplicate layer is towards the top of the layers drop down.


Step 3:  Next add another layer on top of the image.


Step 4: Now you have to set the new layer to white.  To do that you press Alt + Backspace to fill the layer in with white.


Step 5: Then bring the new white background layer below the picture background layer.


Step 6.  Then click on the text tool on the left side of the screen. Set the text type to impact (or another font if you choose to do so).  You can choose the font size and turn the font color to white.  Now you can type whatever word you would like to.


Step 7: Now place your text layer below the background layer.


Step 8: Now click on the background copy layer and click on the clipping mask.


Step 9: Now select the text layer and go to edit and then click on free transform.


Step 10: Now hold the shift key down and transform the text layer.  At this point the image should be showing through the text.


Step 11: Re-position the text and then go to the text layer and click on blending options.


Step 12: Next in the blending options you can choose many settings.  The video gives you specific instructions but once you get the hang of it you can experiment however you would like to.


Step 13: Now click the drop shadow option at the bottom of blending options.  The video takes you through the step by step process.  If you need to pause the video, do so.  There’s a lot of small steps. Now you have completed this tutorial and have created an image within your text.


Glow Text Effect



Step 1: Make the background screen black.


Step 2:  You can choose your own font type and size but make sure your text color is white.  Now write whatever text you would like to do the glow effect on on the background.


Step 3: Now click on your text file.  From there select rasterize  type.


Step 4: Now click on the gradient tool on the left side of the screen.  once you have selected the gradient tool click on edit gradient.  A box will come up on the screen.  Then select the gradient and change the color to whatever you would like.  Then change the second color of the gradient to a lighter version of the color you just chose. Then hit okay.


Step 5:  Now click Ctrl while selecting the font layer this will select it.  Your font layer and your gradient layer should both be selected at this point.  With the gradient still selected, click and drag to create.  Now un-select the selection.


Step 6: Now we need to duplicate the layer so you can either click Ctrl + J or drag the text file onto “Create a new layer”.


Step 7: Next create a new layer.  Make sure black is set as your foreground.  Then  go to filter > render> cloud


Step 8:  Now change the blending mode to color dodge.


Step 9: Now select the text copy.  Then go back up to filter.  In filter click on blur and then go over to Gaussian blur.  In Gaussian blur you can change the radius to whatever you thinks looks best, the video uses 80 pixels.  Then hit okay when you are done.


Step 10:  Now using brushes you can add extra pops of glow onto your text if you would like to.  The video uses downloaded brushes which you can follow their instructions to figure out what how to do that.

Now you are finished and know how to make text with a glow effect!!!


Photoshop Text Tips:

  1. Label your layers.  This helps you to keep organized and know which layer you are working on.
  2. You can add your own little touches
  3. Make layers and do not create everything on the same layer because then you are limited to what effects you can do.
  4. Apply layer masks
  5. Make sure your text and themes match


Now you have all the tools and more for creating Photoshop text effects.  It may take time but it is definitely a skill worth knowing.  There are so many more videos out there that can also help you to succeed in Photoshop.  There are a lot of good Photoshop text effect videos on you tube if you want to learn more.  Now you know several Photoshop text effects and how to write basic text on Photoshop.  Knowing Photoshop skills is very valuable and can help you in many career paths in your life.  Practice makes perfect so don’t be afraid to keep practicing your skills and broaden your horizons.




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