You may have noticed a lack of new Image Raider features over the past month. That’s because all of our resources have been going in to developing our newest tool – Offsite Metrics.

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Offsite Metrics is an analytics platform for content that is not hosted on your website. It works by turning any image or embeddable file into a tracking beacon (similar to the invisible one that GA shows) – meaning that you can see how many users viewed your content, and what site they saw it on.

For instance, you could upload your latest infographic to Offsite Metrics, and be able to report exactly what sites embedded it, how many users saw it, even where the users are from and what device they used!

Once your images are hosted on our server, there’s no way to tell that users are being actively tracked – there are no javascript or tracking codes, no cookies, no user ID’s – images are served as plain old images. See a demo of an embedded image >

Reports can be segmented on a per-image, per-website (or both) basis and include impression counts, user countries, operating systems, and browser type. View a sample report here >

The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is the soon-to-be-released view-through conversion tracking feature – this will allow you to track users who saw your content and subsequently visited your website or converted. This means that you can see and report on the true value of your content marketing efforts.

The service is fast and reliable (it’s hosted on Amazon EC2); we have all the advanced features you need (custom canonicals and a REST API for both reporting and tracking); and more tech support than you can shake a stick at.

Visit Offsite Metrics Now >

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