Monetised Links

Some of our income comes from monetising links that appear in our search results. This means that we have a commercial relationship with many (around 12,000) businesses, and when the website of one of these businesses appears in our search results, we add a referral code.

If a user finds a business (that we have a commercial relationship with) through our search results, then later buys something from their website, we may receive a commission for that sale.

For instance, a web designer may use Image Raider to find the owner of a photo that they would like to use on their website. Image Raider finds many websites using that image, and one of them is a stock photo bank (that we have a commercial relationship with). The photographer visits all of the websites who host that image, and later purchases a license from the stock photo bank. The stock photo bank will pay us a commission from that sale.

Monetisation and commercial agreements do not change Image Raider’s search results. We do not sort results differently, or include other websites in the results because they pay. In fact, we do not attempt to monetise links until the user has already clicked it.

About 5.5% of outbound clicks from our search result pages are monetised. We do not receive anything from the majority of the links on our search result pages.