Update 27 August

The below issue has now been fixed. The details in this post no longer apply.


This morning we began to receive complaints of almost exclusively false positives being returned in reports, as shown below:

Portait of a male lion basking in the sun on a rocky outcrop in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Performing an search on the above image returns a variety of (non-matching) images:


The problem is with Google, our main data source

Concerned that our algorithms were getting the wrong data from Google, we tried the same search there, and found that they, in fact, are returning the wrong images:


Hope is not lost

While Google is showing the wrong image, the pages it is returning are correct (it typically returns the second or third image on the page, rather than the matching image.


That page contains the image we are looking for:


When will this be fixed?

Unfortunately, we have no control over this issue. We expect Google to fix it very quickly.

14/08: UPDATE: We’ve turned off the ‘discovered’ image for Google images  (for now)

It’s been a week since this issue started, and as it still hasn’t been fixed, we have replaced the display of ‘discovered’ images with the one the user entered. In the vast majority of cases, the pages discovered do contain the input image, and showing an incorrect ‘discovered’ image was causing a lot of confusion.

We’ve pushed out on our ability to scrape alternative sources to counter this.

We will check the status of this issue on a daily basis and restore the ‘discovered’ images once it has been resolved.



27/08: Update: Issue fixed, everything is back to normal

This issue has been fixed and all systems have been reverted to their default behaviour. The details in this post no longer apply.

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