Yes, we’re still in BETA. Below are our current dev “to-do’s” and bug fixlist. We decided to make this public after having 4 different people tell us about the styling issues.


  • Fix webpage grep – match <a links, rather than just looking for mention of domain
  • Make Demo mode reflect logged in presentation of data
  • Implement CSV importing of images & data

Bugs Fixed:

5 August 2013: Added functionality to let Image Raider extract images from your website

15 July 2013: Implemented multiple notification improvements

11 June 2013: Reintroduced image uploads.

8 June 2013: Added customisable RSS feeds (these are cached every 12 hours); Fixed some styling issues; Added more proxies and improved the scraper.

2 Apr 2013: Added mozscape metrics; Rescheduled some missed image checks from late March.

29 Mar 2013: Image upload removed due to abuse

20 Mar 2013: Improved notification alert emails

19 Mar 2013: Fixed major bug where all users received new image found notification, even when they had no images or no new hosts found.

18 Mar 2013: Clicking an image thumbnail inside the Found reports will now take you to the edit page.

17 Mar 2013: Fixed bug in demo mode (was using old version of scraper)

16 Mar 2013: Added priority system to processing queue

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