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We try hard to keep a well oiled machine, however due to the nature of search engine scraping, Image Raider will fail from time to time – we can’t accept any liability for incomplete or inaccurate information.
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I get “New Host” alerts for domains which you’ve detected before!

This is a bug/feature which we’re aware of – the system currently compares hosts found against other hosts already identified for that image. If you have 2 images in a project and they’re both on the same domain, you will receive duplicate alerts when each image is found. Some people want this functionality, others don’t. We are planning to deploy a notification preference centre where you will be able to choose how Image Raider works for you.

Where does Image Raider get its data from?

We currently scrape Google, Bing, and Yandex to find websites using your images. We are planning to add Baidu and other image search engines to our data sources once development and testing is complete. This gives us a fairly complete view of the all of the sites using your selected images.

I accidentally put useless images into my project, meaning my reports are full of bad websites!

You need to remove the image(s) from your report, either by moving it to a new project, or deleting it from your account altogether. You can edit images from the report screen by clicking on the thumbnail; and from the project screen by either selecting an individual image’s edit icon, or selecting many checkboxes and using the Edit All icon at the bottom of the page.

I get a few false positives on an image

We’re just listening to Google – it may be that the pages reported recently removed the images, but Google hasn’t recrawled the pages yet.

I get hundreds of false positives on an image

Take a look at the image – could it easily be mistaken for something else? We’ve seen problems, particularly with logos (i.e. simple geometrical shapes and/or cursive text) – it appears that Google’s image matching algorithms don’t try to match the text as long as it “looks” the same – using a similar font is enough to give you hundreds of false positives. We recommend using only photography, or complex computer generated images with Image Raider.

I was expecting site X to show up in the list, but it’s not there

Keep an eye on it – it could be that Google hasn’t crawled the page yet.

I need more power!

Below are some of the premium features and deployments we can add to your enterprise-level account:

  • Speed and reliability: Get reports processed fast and on schedule with an SLA-backed processing upgrade.
  • Quantity: Do you have so many images that using Image Raider is not feasible? Take advantage of unused capacity and bargain prices with a low-priority account
  • Custom Interface: Have custom input, output, or functionality needs? We deploy customised, standalone versions of Image Raider for enterprise clients.

Do you have an API?

Image Raider uses IncandescentAPI for reverse image searching. We will be releasing our monitoring API by November 2015.

Something broke / Feature X would be great / I want to find out more

Great – let us know!