Photography is becoming more popular every day for an infinite amount of uses. With apps like Instagram and Twitter, we can continuously share our special moments instantly with our friends and family. Photography is no longer just a profession or a hobby, but it’s as common as texting. High quality cameras on smartphones allow for amazing photos to be taken at the drop of a hat, and with that availability, why not take exceptional photos of things that make you happy? Social media allows us to express our happiness in the smallest things: breakfast foods, ice cream cones, cute dogs, a walk in the park, or a bouquet of flowers. Though average, these things have total potential to “wow” in a photo that you take! Image Raider has the hottest top tips for how to take the best photos of the things that make you feel great every day.


  1. Natural light is your friend. When you are shooting outside, always make sure the sun is in front of the subject. If sunlight is behind the subject, your photograph will appear dark and the focus will be off because the background will be lighter than the subject. However, sunlight isn’t always the hidden factor to mastering photography. In the heat of a day, sometimes the sun creates dark, ugly shadows that are irreversible no matter how you position your subject. In this case, use the flash on your camera or smartphone to ease the shadowing.

  2. Natural smiles are the best smiles. When photographing a person, the best way to get a pure reaction is to take candid photos. Candid photos aren’t posed; they are meant to catch a person “in-the-act”. For instance, catching someone’s reaction at their initial entrance to their surprise party is a candid photo. When you are taking a photo of a loved one, don’t ask them to smile. When you ask your subject to smile, you’ll end up with a sheepish grin like it’s 6th grade picture day. Try to make them laugh, or compliment them in a specific way (as in, don’t just tell them they are pretty or handsome. Tell them that you love the way their eyes glisten because it reminds you of a diamond, etc.). This works exceptionally well with people who don’t like their smile. Their reactions will be unfiltered bliss, and they will end up looking passionate and true instead of fake and awkward.
  3. Have pretty backgrounds. When you are taking a photo, especially in your home, make sure there is nothing gross or embarrassing in the background. This could mean anything from having the television on in the background to accidentally catching two dogs doing the nasty in your backyard. “Photobombers”, accidental and intentional, are super common and completely avoidable if you always double check your surroundings. Watch out for rogue trash cans, strangers, dirty dishes, a pile of laundry, kids doing bunny ears…there are endless possibilities when it comes to photos being ruined.
  4. If a photo isn’t meant to be loud, don’t make it loud. Obviously I don’t mean volume on this one. Though Instagram makes it so easy for us to share photos, don’t spend an hour in the editing stage of posting your photo. This is the best way to make your photo look unprofessional and obnoxious to look at. Unless you are photographing sprinkles, a rainbow, or a parade, you most likely don’t want to use any filters or frames that will enhance the color palette. Sometimes, a muted or dulled color scheme can make for the prettiest photos. Play around with fading the colors within your photograph before you crank up the colors within your picture.
  5. Take note of natural lines. If you want a sloppy photo, make sure your horizon isn’t completely flat and your skyscraper is leaning at an angle. In all seriousness, sometimes the key to a great photo is as simple as checking to make sure what you are photographing isn’t crooked. The easiest way to assure this is using the grid on your camera or smartphone while taking the picture. If you happen to miss this while shooting and end up with lopsided structures, this is easily fixable by rotating and cropping the photo in a photo editor.
  6. Stop using the zoom feature. Especially with smartphones, the zoom feature takes away from the clarity of the photo and offsets the lighting. This is the most evident at concerts or recitals, when what you are taking photos of on your smartphone is lit vibrantly on a stage. 9 times out of 10, the problem you will have with using the zoom is that the more you use it, the less you can actually see your subject. All the photos you will have of your child’s ballet recital will look like a scene from a ghost hunting show: they’ll all be bright white figures instead of cute ballerinas. To avoid all the mishaps that a camera’s zoom feature costs, crop the photo instead once it is taken. From a distance, harsh lights and shadows aren’t as prominent and cropping the photo will give you the same effect of a specific viewpoint on your subject.
  7. Move yourself to be closer to the subject. If you’ve ever seen silly photos of photographers contorting themselves into strange positions just to take a photo of a flower, they are actually taking a great photo. It’s important that you place yourself up close to what you are trying to photograph, not carelessly snapping a picture from your comfort level and certainly not using the zoom feature. Taking photos of wildlife and close-up portraits are the best example of this. When you want to take a stunning photo of a person, get close to their face and make sure your camera is shooting as clear as it possibly can. This will illuminate the true beauty within their face; their freckles, their retinas, their teeth, will all be shown to their best ability. However, if your subject happened to forget to put on mascara or has a humongous zit pulsating from the bridge of their nose, perhaps this isn’t the best angle for them today.

    Taking photos should make you feel good about the art that you created by shooting them, and the subject should appreciate and feel good about what you made as well. These tips provide you with enough help to boost your skill level when it comes to taking photos of what you love, even if they’re only being taken on your smartphone. Remember these tips and put them to use and you will have amazing photos to cherish forever.

Congratulations! I’m assuming you’re here because you’re pregnant and needing maternity photoshoot ideas. And if you’re not here because you’re pregnant, I’m sorry or congratulations on that as well, depending on your wants and circumstances. 😉 Anyway, the team here at Image Raider has compiled 15 of the absolute best, most heart touching maternity photos around to spark your ideas and interest into what you might be possible considering for your upcoming shoot. These shoots are best done when the pregnancy is between 30 and 34 weeks, but you as the mama can call the shots to when you are ready for it and what you wish your pictures to be like. Whether this is your first child or you are getting to be an old pro at the maternity shoot and match, these ideas are the best. Ranging from precious to hilarious, or sophisticated to chic, there’s an idea here suitable for anyone. Depending on your  personality and preferences. these should help you formulate awesome ideas!

1. Flower CHILD

maternity 1

Image Source:

Holy gorgeous!! This beautiful blonde is sporting loose curls and a light champagne pink tank top dress along with a a beautiful flower crown in a beautiful naturally lit wood clearing. The model does not establish eye contact with the camera, and this actually adds to the intimacy of the photoshoot as she clutches the outline of her pregnant belly. You could personalize this shoot by inviting your hubby in to pose with you for the pictures, or you could personalize the color scheme or season in which you are doing the shoot. Depending on your personal style or the season in which you are pregnant, you can make sure the shoot is to your liking and lives up to your wishes. Adding a sign to your shoot and hanging it from the limbs of the trees in the back announcing the gender of your baby or the due date could be a cute touch! If you are a boho flower child with a twist of simple touches, this could be the look for your maternity photoshoot.

2. Black and white, baby!

maternity 2

Image Source:

Black and white is the chicest of the chic and could be the element of your maternity photoshoot that could add the sophistication and simplicity you wish for. This beautiful mama-to-be is cradling her pretty pregnant belly in her hands and wearing a tank top and some lace briefs. Her hair is styled simply in large curls and frames her smiling face as she smiles down on the new life inside of her. This shoot is simple enough to be completed in your home against your favorite wall. Even if you wouldn’t want it to be in black and white, you could choose your favorite laid back colors and simple backgrounds and have the all about baby shoot you desire. If you’re looking for a simple and classy maternity photoshoot, this is the one for you.

3. Clearing Queen

maternity 3

Image Source:

This cleared wooded path is the prettiest setting for a low-key maternity photoshoot. This might be the perfect one for you if you desire an elegant but simple dress and possible an understated, pink flower crown. She sits upon a rustic crate with a fabric lace overlay with an ivory and gray lantern and a pillow that proclaims the “joy” of the new life inside of her. To further personalize your shoot, you can change the pillow to say the sex of your baby or the date they are expected. If you know a perfect setting in the woods that would set the tone of your photoshoot, this could be the perfect photoshoot option for you.

4. Hubby embrace

maternity 4

Image Source:

Another great maternity photoshoot idea is to get your husband or significant other involved! Dressing up nicely and stepping outside to the porch or the end of the driveway is a simple and fun idea. Your love for each other the the excitement for new baby will be reflected in the chemistry of the photos and the ambiance of the occasion. You could match each other and even bring out matching chairs or stools to sit on for the photos. Hubby could point to your tummy to excitedly acknowledge the anticipated arrival, and you could even include a sign of the possible arrival date and gender of the new bundle of joy. If dressy and sophisticated sounds like you, this is the perfect maternity pic idea!


maternity 5

Image Source:

This striped dress and archway adorned with flowers and foliage make for a perfect nature-y shoot idea. The mom to be is the star of the picture as she poses front a center looking down adoringly at her baby bump. You could dress this look up even further with more flowers or a fancier or even more relaxed look. This could be perfect for couples as well, as the dad of the baby could pose with mom or look on lovingly from the background or on either side. This could even be a beautiful family shoot if you have other children or want to get the grandparents involved! Though it be simple and laid back, this is one of the best maternity picture ideas for the outdoorsy and chic mother to be.


maternity 6

Image Source:

For maternity photo ideas with husband, this is a simple and cute, easy idea. Carefully holding his wife’s baby bump, this dad to be kisses his wife’s forehead ever so sweetly. They are in a pretty wooded area and clad in simple and understated clothing so as to focus the photo on their love for each other and the anticipation of the new life mom possesses inside of her. Signs and additional family members can be added to this shoot for more personalization and sweet touches.

7. baby in white

maternity 7

Image Source:

Baby meets bride in this sweet photoshoot crossover. Mom is clad in white and looks down lovingly at her growing baby. Her hair is styled perfectly and her flower crown placed beautifully. She is stood along a wooded path, which accentuates the simple and white pop of her attire. Add hubby to turn this into a couples shoot, or have your other children join you in the shot. If you have a friend at the same station in life, have her join you and turn this into a fun friends shoot. Add personal touches such as signs, posters, or props that reflect you, your personality, and your excitement for the anticipated baby!


maternity 8

Image Source:

Pregnant in the dead of winter and loving it? Put on a pretty outfit and step into the snow with your baby daddy for the perfect couples maternity shoot! The sunlight poking through the trees creates a beautiful bright setting for these amazing photos. Mom and dad look so in love, and mom stuns on her own in the photo on the right! The glow of the sun matches the youthful glow of these soon to be parents who look so happy together. You could wear any cute and belly accentuating outfit that you feel your most beautiful pregnant self in! This is a lovely maternity picture idea that you can personalize to the max to fit your personality and wants perfectly. This could be the perfect winter shoot for you!

9. Flawless fam

maternity 9

Image Source:

Looking for maternity picture ideas that feature your family? This is a great starting point! Mom and dad proudly boast a sonogram of the promise of new life, and big sister looks just as excited! Dressed for success and to match each other, this cute family looks so excited for baby sister or baby brother to arrive. You could add signs or posters as a personal touch to this shoot, or even give something to big sister to hold up to stylize and personalize your maternity photos. If you’re looking for a sweet and family oriented maternity photoshoot, this one hits the nail right on the head!


maternity 10

Image Source:

Are you outdoorsy and do you know of a beautiful creek location to take your beautiful maternity photos? This could be the shoot for you! This warm photoshoot focuses on mom looking down at her beautiful belly. The warm brown is perfect for a fall pregnancy and accentuates her blonde locks and headband amazingly. Add hubby, family, grandparents, or friends to personalize this photoshoot and spice it up to your liking to reflect your personality and excitement about your baby coming soon.

11. beachy baby

maternity 11

Image Source:

Are you a beach lover or a fanatic over everything nautical? This sweet beach maternity pic idea could be perfect for you. Barefoot and caught in the perfect light breeze, this maternity picture idea is an amazing one for couples. Wear a cute beach dress and let your hubby wear a loose linen shirt and pants. Looking on at the waves, this couple is coordinated and a united front for the baby to come. You can add posters, props, and photos to personalize your photos and let people know the gender and expected date of arrival for your little one.


maternity 12

Image Source:

Want your maternity photos to reflect a country type of vibe? This maternity pic idea could steer you in the right direction. Pose with your bae in front of an old or new barn of your liking and ham it up for the camera while showing off both your baby bump and your love for each other! This rustic feel is lovely and can be accessorized with your attire and possibly some posters or announcements of the baby. Pick your favorite location and get hubby dressed for some amazing maternity photos if a country chic feel is the one for you.

13. baby bump elegance

maternity 13

Image Source:

This bride is dressed so elegantly with a bandeau bra and a shimmery white skirt so that her belly is the star of the show. She is in a pristine white room with seemingly snow-covered trees in the background outside. Her hair is up in a sleek bun and she gives off a ballerina-esque vibe. Her arms are positioned with conviction as she looks on proudly at her baby belly. Looking for a more serious and dignified photoshoot to show off your precious new bump? Keep it pretty and pristine with your favorite shade of white, cream, or ivory in a big open space for dramatic and sophisticated results.

14. lol!

maternity 14

Image Source:

Want to put a funny twist on your maternity photos? Make it into a couples shoot with some funny jokes played off with your baby daddy. Does he have a little bit of a belly? Lift up your shirts and label his as baby and his as his favorite snack! Whether it be ice cream, beer, cheez-its, or pizza rolls, you could use this photo on your maternity announcement and guarantee some laughs for your friends and some positive feedback on your photos. If you’re looking to put a comedic twist on your maternity photos, this could be the option for you!

15. superhero surprise

maternity 15

Image Source:

Are you and your baby daddy fans of superheroes and sick kicks? Venture out and find baby a teensy pair of superhero shoes and pose your feet accordingly for a unique maternity shoot twist. You could do anything with this idea, even just wearing your favorite pair of Nikes or dress shoes to personalize it to your liking. Consult with your hubby on this – and as it is not necessarily traditional or too too girly, he will be sure to have some fun input on how to make the photos uniquely your own.

There you have it! Fifteen of the best and cutest maternity photos ideas. Choose one or a few of these looks to show off your personality and readiness for your new baby perfectly on birth announcements, cards, gifts as photos, or even just a new photo to frame and hang on the wall of the nursery. Did we miss any amazing ideas? Let us know about them and how these ideas worked for you in the comments. We would love to hear from you! Wishing you happiness, peace, and health in in the coming weeks and months as you adjust to the life of parenthood and all of the joys it brings.




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